The World Congress on Family Violence (WCFV) provides an interdisciplinary, multicultural learning opportunity for professionals in health care, education, law, child and adult protection, social services, public policy, human rights advocacy, public health, governmental and intergovernmental agencies and nongovernmental organizations.

Family violence – intrafamilial child abuse, spouse/partner abuse, elder abuse – is a social, legal and health protection issue of epidemic proportions in many nations of the world, whether they be developed, developing or in transition.

The delegates to the World Congress on Family Violence:

  • Share innovative practices, programs, research, and partnerships between practitioners/providers, governments, legal systems, social service agencies, and advocates that improve physical, emotional, legal and social protection;
  • Exchange expert but practical, scalable prevention and intervention strategies relevant to all ages within families of diverse nationalities, cultures, races, classes, ethnicities, religions, and physical abilities;
  • Promote outreach to university graduate students whose participation in WCFV may kindle a career interest in family violence prevention, treatment and research in their respective nation states;
  • Foster solidarity through a multicultural, interdisciplinary understanding of family violence that goes beyond recognition of the pathologies of victimization to a commitment by delegates to proactive solutions that impact the nuclear and extended family, both perpetrators and victims, in homes, workplaces, religious and civic groups, hospitals, schools, and in all geographic settings — communities, states, provinces, regions, nation states and internationally.
  • Utilize Information Technology to scale up the post-dissemination of WCFV proceedings and resulting plans of action that will benefit delegates and interested persons during the intervening years between each biennial WCFV.

The International Network on Family Violence (INFV), organized at the First WCFV in Singapore in September 1998, is the catalyst for the now biennial WCFV to be held in every odd-numbered year. Each WCFV is the largest gathering convened internationally on family violence with delegates attending from every continent.